New Moon & October 2019

We are entering a new energetic cycle. The moon was with the sun last week-end. When the moon meets the sun, it’s New Moon time. In our night sky we start to see a thin slice of the moon.

New moon times are auspicious to set intentions for yourself. Every new moon offers you the possibility to reflect on the cycle ending and set your direction for the new cycle begining.

Tuning in with how we feel guides us to know what this new moon energy is about.

How are you feeling these days?

What themes are coming up?

Can you see the new?

We all receive the universal vibrations so if you observe what’s been coming up around you and within you, it gives you an idea of the messages.

I feel we are entering a cycle focused on our relationships.

How are my relationships with others?

What am I looking for in my relationships?

How do I connect with others?

Our relationships define our life in society. We are together because we are connected with each other. Our interactions are part of us. They reflect our inner relationship as well. Because all is connected 😉

Take a moment to observe these questions.

Maybe some of your relationships are not serving you and it’s time to change them. Our relationships evolve and we are deciding what we want with them. It’s important to assess our interactions.

New moon time is asking us to release what’s not serving us to allow ourselves to step into the new. So ask yourself what needs to change. The change is making space for the new and for this to happen we have to let go.

Letting go of a relationship means changing how it is. It doesn’t mean separation or getting closer. Every relationship is unique. Every relationship evolves.

Letting go means not being fixed and accepting the flow of life happening.

You are the creator of your interaction. You are the one deciding how you connect.

Observe your ways.

If one relationship is not what you want, it reflects your own inner connection and surely on other relationships. And not only with humans, with animals and objects too. So if you’re working on yourself and healing, this is a great time to focus on observing your relationships.

Open your vision to observing yourself in all your interactions.

This new cycle is about our relationships.

I let you observe and reflect.

Receive the energies of now 🙏 and enjoy 🤙

I love you,

Océanie 🙏

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