January 2020 & Capricorn Energies

Namaskar lovers of life,

Happy new year to you all! I wish you to do you with love and compassion.

This new year feels like a fresh new wind is blowing in our life. It feels good to start new. And we are being guided towards one clear direction as we now have five planets in Capricorn: Sun, Mercury, Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter. This is a lot of action with the capricorn energy so I’d like to talk a bit more about it.

Last time we observed some aspects of the mountain goat and I invite you to read the last article here.

In astrology, Capricorn is associated with the element of earth. Earth is grounding and has to do about our physicality and materiality. It is also a cardinal sign. Cardinal signs set the direction. How auspicious to start a new year with this energy! 

January is inviting us to set our direction towards what we want to create in our material reality. It’s something you can touch. 

How do I implement my dream into my reality?

Capricorn is an energy of discipline and structure.

How do I get where I want to go?

Knowing that it is not a fixed energy like the earth sign Taurus. Capricorn knows where it is going but it is discovering its way at every step. It would be like trying to get a goat to follow a path while climbing the mountain, not sure that’d work well for you.

The Capricorn is going for it no matter what and it will adapt to every situation thanks to its discipline. A Capricorn knows that the steps are to be taken with patience and assurance. It is not jumping around, it is stepping cautiously where it feels like going. Again, I advice you to observe and be inspired by how mountain goats move.

Capricorn enjoys the experience of going for it. Its energy is about achievement, it is going towards its success. It knows that every step is an achievement because it worked for it. And every step may open new doors of opportunity. The Capricorn will take the doors following its will to go forward towards what it wants. But it allows surprises to come its way and take it on new steps because its confident in its direction and knows that it is where it is going no matter what.

I mean whatever way you’re going is your way.

If your are focused on what you want to achieve with yourself, the path will guide you to experience that.

A capricorn makes its own way, it creates its own experience.

I create my way.

A friend was telling me how goats have this tendency to come eat everything and put their nose into everything he was doing too. For me it shows a will to learn and experience its own way. 

Every step is an experience worth living.

Capricorn is a leader energy. It is breaking new ground to achieve what it feels like doing. 

I don’t feel the Capricorn gets sidetracked because it will integrate every step/experience into its success. It is all part of its way. 

I personally have my moon and Jupiter in Capricorn so this is how I feel about it and also how I experience it. I have been making my own way since young and I find it challenging to do other way. I learn from other people’s ways as I experience them but I will always come back to my own track of doing. I also learn from my every step and feel like a success just by doing me my own way. 

To have this ability to go forward no matter what, the Capricorn is disciplined, its every steps are made with care. This mountain goat is going to eat grass on the most tricky rock on the cliff side of the mountain…

And I learned that too. I was not a disciplined person and I was very ungrounded in my twenties. But this last decade I allowed myself to experienve discipline. I am learning new techniques often and all of them I experience them day after day. Then I am able to say I keep going with you or not. My growth is about experiencing fully my every move as an achievement and for that I have to do it day by day. One day, one step and within this day, I do many steps. I feel Capricorn is all about the steps.

As the Capricorn energy is strong during January, life is calling us to ground. And for that to happen you have to slow down. Allow yourself the time to do you with care. Work on creating your own support to then be able to go forward strong and cared for.

The cycles of life will take you towards your goals. Now it’s time to do like the Capricorn: ground and set your intentions for this new year. You have a full month to to that so slow down and appreciate the experience of doing that.

Go back to the basics: breathing deep and slow, cooking healthy meals, move your body gently, sit and rest, work calmly, clean your home and sleep.

January is a settling down month so you do that.

I ground myself.

More about discipline and grounding:

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Enjoy now.

I love you,


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