Full Moon November 2019 – Recognition ~ Identity ~ Truth

Hello dear friends,

We are now feeling the energy of the moon intensifying. The moon is now in Aries and Sunday will ingress into Taurus where she will face the sun for the full moon on Tuesday 12th.

For this full moon here is the three spirits I channel:
Recognition ~ Identity ~ Truth

This Scorpio season is exhilarating. We are experiencing a renewal of ourselves. It feels like we see ourselves with more clarity. The spirit of recognition is showing itself.

Are you feeling this energy?

Communication is not only expressing, it’s also listening. It’s a movement of receiving and giving as everything is.

Interestingly, November resonates with the number 11. 1 mirroring 1.

Are you seeing yourself through the eyes of honesty? Are you allowing yourself to listen? Are communicating  in accordance with how you feel?

Take the time to reflect.

It’s about your identity. We are always evolving and sometimes we are called to withdraw and reset ourselves. This time is now and I know you’re feeling it. The question is are you listening?
If you’re feeling tired, tense, anxious, do something about it now.

Spend time alone to nurture yourself.

This full moon is offering us the messages to lead us to our destiny. It’s giving us the truth about ourselves. It’s now a time of renewal. And you are the one leading your new.

Are you taking action for your renewal?

– “Yes I am”: Be proud of doing you and following how you feel. Be proud to empower yourself at every step. 🥳
– “No I am not”: What are you waiting for? I can tell you what you’re waiting for it’s not going to come from outside, you have to initiate it within. Start by seeing yourself with compassion and challenge yourself to new self-care habits. (For inspiration, check the consciousness and tool section of this website).💚
– “I don’t know”: You feel in between and a bit confused? It’s ok. You are transiting therefore to guide yourself choose a few things you want in your life and act for them. Know that feeling confused is a sign of change. If you self care and listen to yourself you will clear out the smoke of confusion and unveil your truth. Step by step. For inspiration and guidance, meditate everyday. Simply do it and experience the magic with practice.

You want clarity, follow the guidance. 🕯️

There is always many things happening and you are the one in charge of how your experience life.

Breathe in – Inspire
Breathe out – Express

We are cycling.

Enjoy this full moon energy your own way.

Do you now.

I love you,

Océanie 🙏

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