Cut the bullshit!

This morning, I feel like a stingy scorpion (it’s Scorpio season / oct 23-nov 22). First I faced myself and now I’m expressing it to you. So let’s shake things up a little bit. Ahahahahah (hear an evil laugh 😂)!!!

Today we’re chatting about boundaries.

You set your own boundaries.

Yes because you are the one in control of yourself. Whatever is happening around you, you are the one who decides how you want to deal with it.

We are all here as human beings. We are equals in being humans and that’s it, the details are unique.We perceive, comprehend and behave in our own authentic ways.

Stop allowing yourself to fall into categories. You are trapping yourself and it has nothing to do with anyone else but you.

Stop letting people invade your life. You are the one allowing the uncomfort into your space.

Stop saying yes when you want to say no. And stop letting things flow when you feel it’s going towards the wrong direction.

Yes expressing yourself might create some collisions and why not? When we create a change for ourselves, it does feel like a turn.

To take a turn, you grip your wheel and you make a movement towards the direction you want to take.

Let’s observe how a crab, a goat, a fish or an eagle make their moves. Let’s observe a sailing boat or a racing car don’t have the same approach to the turn.

The way you’re doing it is up to you but as you want a change, it’s going to feel different.

If you want different, expect different.

Yes sometimes it feels big and scary and we want to ease into it but please don’t get stuck in the turn. This is torture.

If you want the new, it means this new feels better than now. This does not mean now doesn’t feel good, it just means you’re striving for better and that’s great because without our drive I wouldn’t have the easy possibility to communicate with you as we have the opportunity to do nowadays.

Bringing new into your life requires you to let go of what you don’t want anymore. So be clear about it and stick to it.

Respect your choices.

Stop bullshitting yourself about any why and why not you’re doing or not doing it. Stop gazing at the worst. Stop questioning again and again and again. You’ve been thinking about it long enough, you made your plan to go for the best. Your aim is set so now go for it.

I’m flying with the arrow I set on fire now ahah.



Your space is protected by your boundaries. You will land safely to your destination if your boundaries are clear and strong.

You feel a bit confused so make a list of yes and no’s:

I want vs I don’t want.

And all that you don’t want, you put it out. You let go.

I used the word bullshit because when you know you don’t want and you still letting it in your life and making excuses for it to be. Well, this is bullshit.

Act about it.

Harmonize your mind and your body.

More inspiration:

I love you and support you on your journey 😊🦄💖

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