Discipline – How to create your own support?

Our discipline is a strenght to our growth. By creating your unique supportive discipline, you support your well-being and your realisation.

In this article, I am sharing my tips and tricks to set up and sustain your magic creation.

What is discipline?

Discipline is all the little things you do to support yourself.

Discipline is here when you need it.

Discipline is a practice of self care.

Discipline is a set of actions you create for your well being.

Discipline is with you at every moment and in every situations.

Your discipline is what you do for yourself.

You are the one doing it for yourself. Remember you create your life.

What isn’t discipline?

Discipline is not control.

Discipline is not rigid.

Discipline is not pressure.

Discipline is not here to annoy you.

Why create a discipline for yourself?

My discipline supports my well-being.

It’s here to take care of your body and your mind when you’re a bit out of it. Think about the train track holding space for the train to reach its destination. Well your discipline is the track holding on your intention, it’s what “keeps you on track”.

It’s a practice you create to hold yourself.

Everyday brings new situations and some days feel more intense than others. Life also makes us experience challenges and difficult moments. Your discipline is here as a support. You know whatever happens you can hold yourself sane and safe.

Your discipline helps you when you feel overwhelmed, lost or confused.

Your discipline is your way of life.

How to create your own discipline?

The key is to practice everyday.

To make this a reality, create a discipline of many activities. You need to be creative so you can adapt in any situations. You can’t have control over everything but you can control your reactions to it. And that’s when your discipline makes you a superheroe. Because no matter the situation, you keep being yourself and don’t let it swallow you. You become stronger.

Answer this question with a pen and paper :

Which activities make me feel good and support my wellbeing?

Some you are already practicing regularly, some you might want to start practicing more.

Create your list.

For example my discipline includes: three conscious breath, doing affirmations, drinking a cup of tea, looking at the sky, doing three sun salutations, meditation, stretching, walking, sitting a moment, massaging my hands, taking a shower, go for a wander outside the house, etc.

You hold your ground and center with your simple daily habits.

Surely you are doing for your well being already. You simply have to see it.

Also you want to bring new habits like yoga, body movement, meditation or other self sustainable practices.

Write it all down.

Your discipline is like a deck of cards. It has to be practical so you can benefit from it everywhere.

The habits you’re already have, keep them alive.

The ones you want to add to your discipline, start practicing now. Don’t pressure yourself, don’t be rigid. Bring them one step at a time. You are influenced by life’s cycles so don’t expect to do the same all the time. It’s about integration.

You want your new trainings to become habits so they are always here with you.

Stop thinking about it, start doing.

Do it now.

A few minutes or many hours doesn’t matter. Wherever you are you can do it too. You integrate with your mind and body.

Find your own ways of doing.

It’s about daily practice. You bring something new in so become used to do it first. Like every new things, it feels weird and unusual at the beginning but with time we get used to it. isn’t it how we create our dependances? It’s the same process for our healthy and supportive habits.

Allow time for your practice to deepen. Step by step.

Let yourself experience.

How to strengthen your discipline?

You keep it alive.

Sometimes we separate from a practice and it’s ok. It allows us a break and also shows us what it brings to us. It’s beneficial to take a step aside sometimes to see the benefits of one of our practice. It also allocates space to bring a new one in. We can’t do it all always and at once.

Be flexible.

A good discipline is like a deck of cards, you always have a trick to care for yourself in all situations.

Another trick is to talk about it and share it with others. Expressing about your experience is beneficial to your integration.

If you feel your stagnating, it’s time to learn something new. Just bring it in.

You strengthen your discipline by opening it and making it always available.

Some of my ways :

  • I stretch my neck and wrists when I wait standing in line.
  • I carry my bottle of water with me to be able to stop and drink a sip anytime, anywhere. Very calming.
  • I meditate in transportation.
  • I can pause and deep breath three times everywhere.

Be creative.

Commit to yourself.

Your discipline is your support.

Remember you are doing for you first.

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Inspiration to infuse your discipline with magic :

Keep going.

May the magic spark your way.


Picture: Keeping on track, taken in Val David, Quebec, Canada. March 2019.

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