Communication #1 – Union with self.

A serie of articles to observe what is communication and how to embody its spirit.

Invest your thoughts into the creation of your intentions, your mind guiding your action.

If your mind is feeling confused it means it’s not aligned with your desires, how you are feeling. We are talking about your soul here wanting to express itself. For that it needs to be listen by your mind which is the commander of your body, once the mind receives your emotions, it can direct your actions.

It’s all working together really: to be in union with your self you need to listen to you and go following your inner guidance.

It’s about self-communication.

The mental going on its own creates in-cohesion. The body going on its own creates incoherence too.

To reunite your action with your emotion, you center in your heart.

We call it the soul. The soul is simply who you are. It’s the result of an interaction between your body and your mind. What you receive from the spiritual world and what you receive from the earthy world. We are in between, a connector. Heart in between the head and the legs, what thinks and what moves.

See a triangle: three points, three sides connecting the points. It’s a beautiful harmonious 3. Imagine a triangle with three points and only two sides, when it’s missing a connection between two points. It wouldn’t be seen as a triangle.

When you don’t connect your body, mind and soul, you are not fully yourself. You are yourself when you are in harmony within, when you unite your feeling and your thoughts.

To unite two, we create a connection and this interaction is called communication.

I communicate with myself when I listen to myself.

To communicate, we need a transmitter and a receiver.

There is no communication if no one listens. It is about receiving.

Here we focus on ourselves. We want to create union within to clarify our intentions and actions.

Are you listening to your body?

Are you listening to your thoughts?

Receiving is accepting what’s being transmitted. When I listen to my body I allow it to express itself freely and be accepted which means I accept myself. When I listen to my thoughts, I allow them to express themselves freely and I accept myself.

Your body and your mind are expressing in their own language but they are expressing the same. They are reflecting each other. You know we are naturally united because everything vibrates with each other therefore everything reflects each other. The complications happen when we refuse to listen. And this resistance is created when we are not doing in accordance with what we receive.


I feel tired but I don’t take the time to rest and sleep.

I am feeling tense but I keep doing the same without taking the timespace to answer to my tensions.

I hurt myself but I don’t notice my body is trying to communicate with me.

Notice that when your mind is stressed, your body expresses it too. Notice than when your body feels tense, your mind is full of pressure too (overthinking).

Our body and mind reflect both how we feel.

Communication starts with yourself.

I believe that if I am not listening to myself, I can’t listen to the other.

How we communicate with the other reflects how we communicate with ourself.

So, how are you feeling for real?

Listen to yourself and accept what is.

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I love you 💖


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