Communication #2 – Lies vs Inner Truth

Following the first chapter on communication #1 – Union with self, now let’s talk about our lies.

When our mind makes up stories for ourselves to not listen to our true self, we are lying to ourselves. The truth is this inner voice telling you how you feel. It’s aligned with how your body feels too.

When our stories are blocking us or masking our truth, we are in the realm of lies. We are lying to ourselves about our reality.

It is not about seeing things like the others or controlling our thoughts to create an illusion of well being. It is about facing your truth.

Sometimes it is difficult to admit to ourselves that the situation we are in is not what we want. Maybe it’s making you uncomfortable, stressed or even disrespecting your well being. Many possibilities here.

So why staying in this situation? What are the stories you tell yourself inside? Stories disguised as excuses.

Yes but…Yes because…

Justifying yourself doesn’t prove anything.

When you are following your truth, you are not trying to justify what you are doing. You are simply doing it because it feels the right thing to do.

Sometimes our inner voice is being shut down by our excuses. We become so convinced by our lies, we are not seeing our truth anymore.

How to recognize the lies?

You know deep inside but you have been covering your truth for so long that it needs help to unveil itself.

Listen to the signs:

Observe the pains in your body.

Assess your well being.

Track your excuses and justifications.

You can also define your own boundaries to help you see clearer what you want or not. Check here for inspiration.

You can help your inner voice come out with the simple practice of writing everyday. I keep talking about it because it works. So until you try it…you won’t know its benefits. Allow yourself to free your flow of expression. How to start writing your thoughts? Follow to here.

Remember your intention and resolution for yourself for this year too. Have you been progressing? Or are you creating your own stagnation?

We can tell stories to people around us. It’s OK and it keeps things interesting 😉

But it’s vital to tell yourself the truth you feel inside.

Be honest with yourself.

Seeing our lies for what they are and accepting our situation is the first step. This step can lead to confusion because we realize our actions are not in alignment with what we feel. Remember it is a process; you start by expressing yourself and listening to what comes out. Then you’ll see how it unfolds…

I explore my inner truth.

Do not judge yourself about the stories you make. Oh no, that’s too easy and actually it creates new stories. It’s an endless cycle of lies.

Accept what is. Express it and see what happens.

Keep going,

Your guidance is coming from within.

Next chapter #3 – Meeting the other.

I love you,

Océanie 💖

Picture taken in Rabat, Morrocco.

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