What is the Ego #3 – The Voice of your Body

What we already chatted about the Ego #1 (here) and #2 (here):

My ego is my self.

My ego is a reflection of my way of thinking.

You are thoughts and physicality. Your body is your human earthy vessel and it has its own language too.

Your ego voice is reflecting your body’s state. Or we can say, your body expresses itself through your inner voice as well.

What I observe in my thoughts gives me clues on how my body feels. All is related.

So how what you think is connected to how you feel?

How your body’s language translates for your ego?

How do you learn from yourself? Continue reading “What is the Ego #3 – The Voice of your Body”

Philosophy: Cycles of generations

Breaking free from the last generations.

We are here today thanks to the last generations that lead us here. Whatever we think of the past, it got us here. And this cycle is repeating itself endlessly, generations after generations. And the beauty is we are leaving with different generations at the same time. We can access the past talking to our elders and the future observing our children. All of it is happening in the present moment.

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Consciousness – I express for myself

Express yourself from a place of trust.

When I believe in myself, what I say about myself transpires my confidence. And it has the magic effect to reassure people around me. You create your own support and people magically start supporting you rhe way you need them to. When your words are coming from a place of love for yourself, you show people your confidence in who you are and what you do. Of course we have doubts and questioning rising some time and they allow us to take a moment to observe ourselves and go from that. Continue reading “Consciousness – I express for myself”

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