What is the Ego #3 – The Voice of your Body

What we already chatted about the Ego #1 (here) and #2 (here):

My ego is my self.

My ego is a reflection of my way of thinking.

You are thoughts and physicality. Your body is your human earthy vessel and it has its own language too.

Your ego voice is reflecting your body’s state. Or we can say, your body expresses itself through your inner voice as well.

What I observe in my thoughts gives me clues on how my body feels. All is related.

So how what you think is connected to how you feel?

How your body’s language translates for your ego?

How do you learn from yourself? Continue reading “What is the Ego #3 – The Voice of your Body”

Patience vs Waiting

Patience is a power to be cultivated.

Are you being patient or are you waiting for something to happen?

Wait and patience are not the same.

Patience is not waiting. Waiting is based on expectations.

In the French language, expectations, attentes, is a word made of the verb “to wait”, attendre. An expectation is what we are waiting for.

Being patient is accepting what is and doing with the flow offered to us.

Patience can come from wait and wait can emerge from patience. There is a fine line between the two. Continue reading “Patience vs Waiting”

Communication #3 – Meeting the other

Following our observations on Communication : #2 – Lies vs inner truth & #1 – Union with self

Spending time with someone else and sharing your stories, stories of how you feel and your experiences.

When you talk to someone else you express yourself.

The words you are using and the way your body is behaving create your expression at the moment. This is what is seen. Communication includes also the unseen: your thoughts and your feelings. Obviously all seen and unseen are part of your expression. Continue reading “Communication #3 – Meeting the other”

Communication #2 – Lies vs Inner Truth

Following the first chapter on communication #1 – Union with self, now let’s talk about our lies.

When our mind makes up stories for ourselves to not listen to our true self, we are lying to ourselves. The truth is this inner voice telling you how you feel. It’s aligned with how your body feels too.

We chatted about our inner communication here.

When our stories are blocking us or masking our truth, we are in the realm of lies. We are lying to ourselves about our reality. Continue reading “Communication #2 – Lies vs Inner Truth”

Energy Forecast – Playful June

Are you feeling yourself being pulled from one side to the other? Are you having miscommunications? Or maybe feeling both opposites at the same time? A funny feeling?

Gemini likes playing 😉 (Gemini season). The energies are blowing everywhere. They are taking our mind in all corners of the immensity of everything.

Don’t let yourself be confused or pulled to new extremes. It’s ok to think about them but don’t start questioning and creating doubts where there are not.

Experience this moment as light and funny. We are being guided in surprising ways and now it’s time to play with ourselves. And allow new to show up surprisingly. Continue reading “Energy Forecast – Playful June”

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