I am a Spiritual Warrior.

Once upon a time, I crossed path with Mikael in the Shambala Warrior Kingdom. Here is my story.

Being a warrior is a thought that has been with me for a few years. I discovered this concept with the term lightwarrior. Then last summer, a few events showed me I was a warrior. Basically I had intense encounters and after the storm passed, my thoughts were telling me: “I am a warrior”. I believe in the voices in my head now, I know they are here for my growth and I know I am the one creating them too.

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Poem – To whom I’m meeting here & now

Now I feel clearer

Now I feel lighter

Now I am wider

Opening my channel

The the realms of myself

Expanding my panel

Of languages of self

Letting the meeting evolve

With no pressure of timing

Nor jigsaw to solve

But only a symphony playing.

I love you meeting me

Being here to share with me

And playing games of experiences

Exploring reality with infinity of strategies

We are here and now joining

Our souls together harmonising

To create a new story

Of love and unity

Here and now.

Thank you for being you.



A letter to the Men

I’m observing a lot of words for the empowerment of women describing the abuse of men and all their faults and mistakes. I want to take a moment to answer all these articles about the wrongs of men. These are not the true men, and I don’t want people to forget that we are all evolving together and re-establishing harmony in the unbalance of feminity and masculinity. Here, a few words from my heart to the men surrounding me and allowing me to be. Continue reading “A letter to the Men”

Pabuk, another life experience.

2019 jan 5 – Aloha,

Today I’m reacting strongly to what I’ve read and seen about people’s reaction to Pabuk (tropical storm in Thailand 2019) in the western world. I’ve been turning around my home feeling my inside volcano about to explode. What I want is exploding love and compassion not anger and disappointment. I am fighting for love and union. So here I am, full on lion, roaring to the world.🦁 Continue reading “Pabuk, another life experience.”

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