Virgo Season – How do I serve myself ?

Seasons are gently changing, nature is transforming. From wherever we are within our self, we can also feel this transformation at play.

In astro, we are transiting from Leo into Virgo season. Around August 22/23, the sun ingresses Virgo, the sixth house of the zodiac.

We are forever cycling around the wheel of life and every moment brings its new offerings.

Let’s chat about now.

Transformation happens on its own timing. Let’s flow with nature and allow ourself to be in tune with how we feel here and now.

The leo season is usually a time of self centering and expressivity of our true self. Leo is passionate about being and its energy is all about expression of self. Observe how you’ve been doing these last few weeks. Observe from your own truth point of view: me with myself.

For inspiration, I invite you to read my articles written during full moon and new moon in August.

Now transiting into Virgo, an earth and mutable sign. Virgo holds the energy of practicality. This archetype cares for every detail of its material expression. Coming from Leo and its passion of being “me”, we are now led to ground this self centered energy in our daily life.

How do I harmonize my materiality with who I am?

How can I organise my daily life to support my passions?

How do I ground my spirit in my everyday life?

This bright self shining within you and loving to express itself wants to have the space to be. For us it means it is a time of reorganisation. It also wishes to be seen, this means it is a time of clarification.

Let’s be practical!

To keep feeling comfortable in being you, it is important to consider your envirronement. Assess your home and work space. How does it fit you?

Virgo is a designer and builder of self space. For each one of us, there is a part of our life that calls for restoration. This motion of transformation supports all we do.

The way we do things is how we express ourselves.

I know you feel it now. There is something new you want to make happen for yourself. You want to work to create something that fits you.

You desire to serve your spirit with your actions.

Virgo is opposite Pisces. Pisces is the realm of the deep infinite ocean of emotions. It resonates with our intuition. Pisces goes for what it feels, it allows its body to simply flow with the currents.

Yes, what you want to do, you know already. It is within you and you simply have to act on it to bring it into your life.

The process is happening so let is be. No pressure, no limits, let yourself flow.

Allow yourself to do how you feel following your vision. Take your timespace to work in details.

You are creating to serve yourself therefore design with care.

I create my space.

May passion guide your way,

Love & Sparkles,


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