Astro – October 2020

This month of October 2020 starts and ends with a full moon!

As there is a lot happening this year for us, I wish to show you in many ways that we are guided and all is happening on time. All we need to know is inside of us but our emotions sometimes clutter our vision. The timeline offered by astrology shows me that there is a greater mechanism and helps me to focus on the guidance of here and now. So, here is an overview of this month’s vibe.

All dates are in UTC.

*October 1st, Full Moon in Aries. Read my full moon message here.

*Mars retrograde September 9th – November 13th : Last time Mars was retrograde in Aries was in 1988 (Aug-Oct). Aries is the home of Mars and we all feel this fiery energy flowing through us. Mars and Aries energy can be sparking some anger and impatience so breathe and slow down ; there is no hurry. During this retrograde, you are guided to review your projects. Take the time to assess what you are doing, review what you are planning and clarify your vision of action. Remember no one can predict what’s next therefore do with what you have here and now. Recenter your thoughts on here and now. You have what you need to do what you desire.

Extra note on Mars: Aries is square to Capricorn and since about August 2020, Mars is square to Saturn. Squares are intense and you might feel on edge since a while now. Sometimes it feels like life is testing us and this mars square is guiding us to act to create our new structures. Challenges trigger our transformation. This year we are lead to slow down to look at our home life in and out. It is a time to set our direction to what we truly desire. This takes time. It also asks all of us to asses before we act. Acting doesn’t mean rushing. Acting starts with our mindset, then on time, we express. Trust the process.

*October 3rd – 29th, Venus in Virgo : Our planet of divine feminine and beauty is in the house of practicality. Venus has a materialistic energy so it feels well during her journey through Virgo. We are guided to look at the details of our daily life. Venus is loving and in Virgo she expresses with everyday actions. No matter how they seem, all actions out of love are big. How are you dealing with your daily life obligations? How do you maintain the beauty of your inner and outer home beautiful? How can you show your love in your daily actions? Do not fall in the illusion of appearances or pickiness. Venus is shining your inner beauty and what reflects your beauty is your relationship with your household and its inhabitant.

*October 5th, Pluto goes direct (Pluto in Capricorn 2008-2023). Pluto was retrograde since April 25th when most of us were in lockdown. The events of 2020 are strongly resonating with the dance of Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter in Capricorn. Pluto is the lord of the underworld and it moves slow, its energy is about deep transformation and growth. Reflect on your development of the last five months.

*October 14th, Mercury goes retrograde in Scorpio and moves back into Libra on October 29th. My article on Mercury retrograde here. Scorpio is the sign of deep emotional transformation and Mercury is the messenger. So listen. Listen to allow the space for expression. Don’t get caught into attachment. Emotions need to flow out. Observe how you communicate how you feel. Observe how your tools of communication are instruments to your emotional overwhelm. There are better ways than social media to deal with how you feel. Work on that.

*October 16th, New Moon in Libra. A time to set your intentions to step into a new moon cycle. This new moon happens at the end of Libra Season. take a moment to reflect on the inner voyage you have just accomplished with yourself. Get cosy and appreciate the comfort of your darkness, the womb of your self. I’ll get back to you on time with my new moon message.

*October 23rd, Sun ingresses Scorpio. This Mercury retrograde leads us to Scorpio Season. Scorpio season always feels like an inner revolution. It’s a time of release to clear the space for the new. We are guided well by the wheel of life so let yourself flow while sustaining your emotional wellbeing.

*October 31st, Full Moon in Taurus. We are closing this month of October 2020 bright and clear. Full moons are enlightening and I will share about this full moon on time.

You can see that this month of October 2020 might trigger some tension and impatience. Mercury and Mars retrograde can get on your nerves. Please don’t do that to yourself. You are the one in control of your reactions. Maybe what’s getting on your way is here to show you another way. Let yourself be guided to a new way of doing. Experiment with an open mind.

In numerology, October is associated to the number 10. I see 10 as a fire starter, it is this energy sparking new actions. It is the birth of a new cycle. One cycle has been completed and a new one can start. The new is very new and it has to go through a process of growth to blossom and show fully itself. Again, be patient with yourself and take the time to clarify your plan.

My advice for this month is to keep a strong self-discipline. Do for your mental clarity and emotional wellbeing. Adjust your pace to how you feel inside and don’t let the outside pressure you.


I love you,


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