Astrochat: Full Moon in Pisces September 2020

The moon rises after the sun sets and you can sit in between at sunset and sunrise times to feel your alignement.

Astro-nomy: The moon is not far from Jupiter and Saturn. It is at its brightest reflecting the sunlight on its full side. It is so bright, the sky seems starless… It is just an illusion and the infinity of the universe is still existing.

Let’s interpret using the language of astrology:

Remember the sun in now in Virgo (article about the transition to read here) which means this full moon happens in Pisces (Pisces and Virgo are opposite in the astro wheel).

The full moon is enlightening the virgo-pisces energy of our current cycle.

Virgo and Pisces are called mutable, their energies is about change and adaptation. Virgo resonates with the energy of the element of Earth and Pisces with the energy of the element of Water.


  • How earth and water interact in their different states.
  • How one reacts when the other one changes state.
  • Their inter-actions.

Earth is our materiality, it’s your human physical body. Water reflects our emotional realm. It is influenced by the moon cycle and a full moon often takes out of us what needs to be shown to our own self. The message is louder…


  • How a change of materiality/ground/physicality affects your mood.
  • How your mood influences your sense of physicality, your touch of materiality.
  • How do you accommodate to your mood?

Pisces is the infinite waters. How does a fish orientate itself? How do I navigate in the unknown?

Virgo is of service of pragmatism. It is the opposite of intuition. Opposite doesn’t mean it is not intuition, it means it attracts it to complement itself. It is grounding energy guided by the light of intuition. Practicality is efficient if tuned in with our needs. How can I adapt if I don’t take in consideration how I feel? How my feelings are guiding my way of settling/ my comfortable ground? Is my organisation supporting

To be able to serve myself I have to listen to my feelings. This way I can adapt my care in its details. I can settle my space for my wellbeing. Our emotions are guiding us on earth, it feels like what I feel shows me the direction of my next step. The piscean energy is intuitive. It’s only intuition, no reasoning, no questioning, only feeling. A Pisces does not think about planning, it knows the plan is unfolding on time.

The dance of Spices and Virgo: Pisces guides us to let our body guide our way and Virgo accommodates our ground with harmony.

I adapt to my flow.

You are feeling what’s happening now, your message is clear within. The game is to feel and allow it to be seen and open yourself to its expression.

Listen. Play. Be.

My full moon guidance message.



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