Energy report – November 2021

As there is a lot happening for us, I wish to show you in many ways that we are guided and all is happening on time. All we need to know is inside of us and also coming to us on divine timing. The timeline offered by astrology shows me that there is a greater mechanism and helps me to focus on the guidance of here and now.

So, here is an overview of this month’s vibe.

We are starting this month with the dive into the Scorpion waters.

Sun, Mars and Mercury will be journeying Scorpio and guiding us to enlighten this energy within ourself.

Scorpio vibes with regeneration (death and birth) and power. It is awakening our deepest sensations and can be triggering emotions we didn’t expect inside of us. Scorpio goes under the surface, It is poking at all the unaccepted and unwanted.

This month is going to transform you so keep it chilled. Do not push yourself, allow your pace to slow down and adapt to the currents of the day. Remember the lessons of October and your intentions.

Our emotion is our inner guidance. It is about our sensations, not our thoughts so be aware to not get pressured in your head.

The emotional flow is going through you and will activate you in ways you might not expect. Scorpio takes us to our depths where the unrecognised is stored until we give it our attention. So embrace you self and all that’s coming out of you with love and compassion.

Adapt your self-care to meet your emotional needs.

It is very beneficial at this time of the year to re-ignite and emphasize your spiritual discipline to support your mental to keep clear no matter the inner emotional current.

Trust in the process.

Remember that thoughts can be switched in an instant, in comparison with emotions that flow in a different timing. Authorize your body to digest and express on its own time.

Activate you magical super care !

You power is here and only wants you to embrace it. It can feel very strong and even over-consuming sometimes, please do not get scared by your own self. Create your space to channel your force with care and attention. You are awakening and you are safe to be yourself.

Power is also linked with your kundalini and sexual energy. Your kundalini is your creative magic energy and it wants to flow which means take the timespace to create and express. No need to know how to do perfectly to do. Just do it !

Infuse playfulness in your daily activities.

Our sexual energy is our drive, its is this creative kundalini force flowing through us from our ground to our extremities, it wants to be expressed. So if you feel like a boiling sexual machine this month, learn to channel this energy with body movement. I find dancing and yoga very supportive to deal with high sexual drive.

Take the time to pleasure yourself in new ways, slow down, be creative and explore your sensations.

Feel instead of thinking.

Pleasure can be felt in multiple ways. So explore the unknown with an open and playful mind.

Inspirations :

  • Chanting mantras
  • Sexy dancing, move your hips, touch your body.
  • Self-massage
  • Recycling art projects
  • Cook with new ingredients.
  • Roll on your floor.
  • Play games with friends.
  • Learn something new.
  • Find your space and be loud.
  • Ask questions to people to know more about them and listen to their stories.
  • Go for a weird walk : super slow, like an animal, like a clown, etc.
  • Connect with nature: be barefoot, hug trees, talk to fairies, dance with the wind…
  • Re-create your speech
  • Don’t be sorry, be sexy !
  • Suportive self care tricks podcast episode

Infuse lightness in your days.

May your now be magical !

Spirit and I love you,


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