Aries Full Moon Activation – 20 October 2021

Wednesday 20th October 2021, around 17h CET, the moon will be opposite the sun at 27° Aries.

Take a moment to re-affirm your new moon intentions. (You don’t do new moon intentions : inspiration here)

I feel my passion re-ignited. I say YES to my desire. My full body is captivated so I allow it to go forward in the direction of its attraction. I am strongly holding my center and I trust my ability to keep me safe and cared for during this journey into new territories.

Have Confidence

This Aries full moon is charging us up with self-esteem and self-appreciation for us to finally step into some things we have been thinking about for a while. You know this idea you want to realise and you have had this thought for … how long ? Can you rememnber ? Because if you can’t, please take a moment to observe the perennity of this idea that seems to exist in your thoughts only. You might be projecting this mental “desire” onto situations of your life. That is the process of illusions and fantasies, they are not materialised and they stay in the realm of your head. Your body is not aligned as your thinking direction goes towards the illusional and your physical body is here and now in its natural envirronment gently waiting for you to come down here to unite your Self.

Yes, we do get lost in illusional loops. Nothing wrong here, nothing bad, please do not harshly judge yourself when you observe you may be looping too. It is part of our process of growth. This way of doing is called a pattern. A pattern is a mental loop, imposing its command on all our parts : emotional, physiological, spiritual, social… We are many to satisfy within us. The full society is reflecting inside so the important question is :

How do I wish my inner power to lead ?

Aligning your mental direction with the reality of your presence will allow you to open portals of abundance. Imagine if you were feeling nourished, embraced and loved unconditionnally all the power it would give you ?

Energy Practice

Yes Uncontionnal Love is infused inside of you and you have access to it, obviously. So do one thing, plant both your feet on the floor now. Deep breathe in your sexual organs, then bring your breath down to earth through your legs and feet.

Now, visualize your roots lighting up as your breath flows through them towards the center of earth.

Connect to this center.

You are safe. You are supplied for. You are loved.

Let the weight go.

Breathe in lightness. Breathe out heaviness.

Let your body take its space.

Feel your body taking its space.

Let be.

You are still breathing in your root.

… … … … … … …

You are alive.

Slow Down

By slowing down, we have the time to go into the details. We learn how to enhance our sensory perceptions. We explore the subtles realms of our Self.

You get to feel new within your body. So you will enhance your perception of your reality, you will access new layers, new dimensions of reality.

If you desire more in your life, slowing down will give you more !

Slowing down is the key to deep transformation.

Transformation is Action

This full moon is an explosion of light. Open your whole to consume it. You consume the light when you receive it, let it flow through all your parts and transmute it with your will to create a change.

Willpower is Light.

I am burning to show my self. I act now for my dreams and desires. I set my thoughts and eyes towards the direction of my heart and torso.

To think clearly it is best for your hips to be open and your spine aligned with your head gently resting on top of it. This is your whole going towards the same direction united.


Coming inside the body, bringing in. We are channels so to channel properly better the container/tunnel/pipe/column to be clear and offer the space for what has to flow to feel welcome, appreciated and wanted.

It may seems crazy to think that deep relaxation triggers high efficiency. I would not have guessed it if it wasn’t for discovering it by my own experience.

Our society seems to have chosen a different path : high stress for high efficiency.

It feels too high for me. And being high recquires a strong ground. Remember how you felt in the meditation.

Taking the time to grow your roots allows you to expand.

Self Enlightenment

Doing new recquires you to think new.

This means to let go of thoughts that seem to be poping in and out of your head on a regular basis. You know thoughts that are present but not very agreeable but in a way you got comfortable with them thinking that it is how you are, it is in your nature to do so.

It is in my nature to ………

Be your own witness today and observe where you assume your own behaviors, where do you expect them ?

When there is expectation there is looping !

Contemplate – Journal – Create new now.

You don’t journal ? : Inspiration here.

Unleash your creativity

You are not a robot, you are not brainless, you are alive and you have the power of creativity. Creativity has all the solutions for our adaptation, for creating our comfort, for building our reality, for our sustainability …

Creativity is evolution.

Creativity is diversity and without it we would be all dead. We need each other to survive. One need another one to procreate.

Pro – Create !

It works with babies and with any project.

Your own self-knowledge project needs others to evolve. Yes it does. And the thing is we will never know how it would be to be alone on this earth with no other humans. Impossible to guess but possible to think about it, of course.

Thanks to one plus one equals three, we access our multidimensionality. When two can create one more, we step into our infinite possibilities of creation.

I am a co- creator of my life.

You are a co-creator of my life.

You are a co-creator of your life.

I am a co-creator of your life.

We are one in diversity.

This means that all parts are unique and also part of a whole. Everything is “made of”. Scientist are still exploring our micro-nano-infitinitisimal today.

Since I started to live in infinite, it opened my vision in a way I could not imagine and everyday I am exploring new.

So how do we let go ? How to transmute attachment ?

First let’s observe that attachment is what is. I mean my hands are attached to my arms and my house is attached to the ground.

Attachment is beneficial to keep all our pieces united.

Attachment becomes tricky when it starts to hang. The hanging happens with your thougths generally. Because you hang in an illusion of reality. Observe now which attachment is at play.

What are you thinking when you read the let go and attachment words ?

With who or what you are playing push and pull ?

Here it is.

Take the obvious. No matter the thought or behaviour it is attached to its counterpart.

Every thought is a behaviour and every behaviour is a thought. Because they come from the same center which is you, it is simply two expressions of what is going on inside. And if the thought and behaviour contradict themselves, well you know your parts are in contradiction.

How do I make peace within my Self ?

Contemplate – Journal – Create new now.

Playtime !

Time for a recreation!

That is how a creation evolves in its new phase. You have a laugh, you go on an activity for your pleasure, you dedicate moments of innocence for your grown up child to explore.

Gather and play.

Show your funkyness, your weirdness and your clownesque !

Do it Now – Click Here

Prayer for the collective

I pray for all children, women and men to have access to drinking water.

I pray for all nature ressources to be accessible for all.

I pray for Peace & Love.


Enjoy the lightness of your presence.

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May you levitate with laughter,

We love you,


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