Are cigarettes part of the dream?

It is not cool.

It is not sexy.

It is not nice for your body.

It is not what you think it is.

Smoking cigarettes is showing us clearly you are not dealing with yourself with love and care.

If you need a moment to breathe, well take a moment to breathe.

Sparking a cigarette is sparking a new tension.

And then when you stop smoking, all you need to deal with is still here.

The cigarette doesn’t make things go away or flow better, it buries your emotions into shadows.

What was coming to light is now denied freedom.

I am not here to take the point of view of your body. Many studies and diseases show their intoxication powers.

Smoking cigarettes is unhealthy.

You know that but you’re refusing to be better with yourself. Whatever the reasons and justifications. There are stories made up by yourself. Stories to cover up your non-acceptance of what you’re doing to yourself.

Cigarettes are not sustainable.

They don’t support our growth, they actually create a resistance to heal. You know the healing powers of your body? Don’t you want a life with less pain and suffering? Because each time you smoke a cigarette, your body suffers. It sends you signals to be taken care of so stop ignoring them.

Also cigarettes create waste. First the pack with the aluminium and plastic bits and also the butt.
What I see is cigarettes give me a filter imposed on my ground. Thank you smokers for you respect of others and your envirronement. See, it’s about self care…

So if you are in a healthy process and changed your diet to eat less/no animal products or you are in a zero waste journey or if you are a “Save Mother Earth” warrior or a health professional or else, smoking cigarettes is incoherent. Your behaviour doesn’t make sense with your intention.

Face yourself and be honest.

I know the way you treat yourself is your choice. But when you decide to smoke in public or leave your filter on the ground, it is my responsibility as a human living in harmony to do something about it.

So here I am expressing my will for you to be yourself.

Own yourself.

All of you stucking yourself with cigarettes, please experience yourself with no cigarettes.

Experience yourself in new ways.

Stopping a well anchored habit like smoking cigarettes requires you to act it. It’s a process you experience day by day. It’s going for something new with yourself. I have many articles about habits and transformation to guide your way.

If you want a change in your life, start by breathing free.

I believe we all want to create a beautiful life for ourselves.

Are cigarettes in your dreams?

Remember to love yourself.

Do it now.

I love you,


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