Aquarius Season – OPEN YOUR VISION

After being in Capricorn, around January 20th, our sun ingresses the house of Aquarius. It will journey through this sign until around February 18th when it transits into the house of Pisces.

The wheel of life is always turning.

Aquarius is guiding us to upgrade our vision, it is lifting us to a higher state. For us to elevate, we have to drop the presssure that keeps us down.

In this article I share with you how journeying through Aquarius may feel like. It is my experience of it and every year I am learning more how to flow magically with this energy.

A new birth

Life is facing me with everything that needs to be let go of. All very playfully as life is a game. But it’s in my face and if I don’t address it straight away the tension of the pressure is taking on and I start feeling out of place.

I don’t know anything anymore. I simply know how I feel now. I am being directed straight to my center. If my mind goes outward, I bring it back. And this happens all day and night long, that’s me when Aquarius energy starts lifting me up. I feel blessed by this storm of truth flowing within me because it is clearing me raw. I feel so vulnerable. But I don’t feel weak, I feel so strong at the same time. My strenght is my vulnerability and thanks to me I have the power to hold myself.

I feel like a baby birthing. You know the mother pushes out and the baby has nothing to do but be itself. That’s what’s happening. Life is taking you exactly where you’re supposed to be and the only thing that’s asked from you is to be you here and now.

And when you don’t know, visualize the baby coming out of the womb.

You are new and learning to be you at every step. Enjoy what is.

I drop the pressure.

Aquarius in astrology

Aquarius is symbolised by the element of air, the sun is shifting from earth to air. The energy of Capricorn is rooting us into our life and it can feel heavy depending on our life story. Aquarius is bringing some lightness. Air is associated with our intellect, our mind, our thoughts. The sun being our light and expression, we are coming into a season of expressing our mind.

I want to be clear about something. The mind is not about over-thinking and analysing everything. This is the act of a pushy mind. Our mind is the center of our general mechanism of action. It is how we translate what we receive. The mind expresses through our body. Our mind is the cockpit where choices are made to set our direction.

You have the power to choose how your act.

How do I see what’s around me? How do I see the world? How do I see my past, my present and my future?

Aquarius is about OUR VISION.

Another symbolism for Aquarius is the water bearer. It’s this man holding a big jug and pouring water out. I see someone caring for its seeds to grow and flourish.

Which vision do you want to nurture?

Our mind being extraordinary it creates many visions so it is for us to decide which ones we want and which ones we don’t want.

If you are feeling raw and vulnerable during Aquarius season, it is ok. I know your mental being all over the place is not helping you feeling safe. Therefore each time your mind brings thoughts of outwards (everything that is not what you are doing right now), Observe and let it flow.

Say no thank you to the attachment (dwelling on the stories, creating drama, overthinking). A trick is to tell yourself what you are doing now. This way if your mental feels chatty, direct it to chat about what is instead of getting dispersed in illusions and projections.

Do not expect your head to shush in an instant, this takes training. And, there is obviously something being processed so let it be. When you observe yourself getting away in your overthinking, observe the phenomena and re-focus on here and now. You have the power to command your mental so own yourself. It takes patience and determination to step into a new way of thinking. It is possible with practice and focus.

Remember the baby. You know how we say to the baby everything we are doing. It’s funny but it means a lot. We are in the now. So do that.

Be your own parent expressing simply to yourself what is.

I practice what I want for myself.

Own your vision

Observe the kids playing. They are deeply focused in their action, what they are doing now. And the next moment they might be doing something different but they will be focused on it too like there is nothing else. That’s being here and now.

The word vision can bring this idea of looking outwards and seeing what could be. But it is not what it is. Your vision is now. It’s happening now. Stop projecting and bring it in.

Integrate your vision.

Our society has been projecting everything outside and now everything feels disconnected and nothing makes sense. And we are all overthinking what we could do to make it better. Where is that taking us?

Aquarius nurtures its vision by making it happen now.

I see and care for now.

A loving vision

Aquarius is opposite Leo in the astrological wheel. Leo is the sun, it is about expressing and shining our truth. It is an heart centered energy.

Aquarius is a reflection of Leo. We can see it as our higher self showing itself in our mind and directing our human heart to express how it sees. The dance of the higher self and the human self is happening within us.

Aquarius and Leo are fixed energies (with Taurus and Scorpio). They are sustaining the direction. Love can support us no matter what. A vision of love transformed into acts of love is the way.

Think out of love, do out of love. Be love.

I am loving in all my actions.

I am the vision

You are doing as you are visioning. You create your reality with all our actions.

Water the seeds you want to sprout.

We are living a revolution of our human society so be your own leader and act now in your daily life in the way you want your life to be and feel like. Stop waiting or projecting for later, do you now.

If your vision is about your future, it will stay stuck there. for your dream life to happen, you have to integrate it in your here and now. Stop projecting and start doing as you heart feels. It feels new and weird at the beginning but with practice, day by day you will reinvent your life.

Open your mind to the new.

I am not here to tell you what to do because life is showing you all of that. How you feel is your direction. My intention is to share with you how I am inspired by everything and how I create my own stories to support my way.

I have faith in me.

Don’t pressure yourself telling yourself how you should feel or do. Let it be. Surrender to life and have faith in the power of love.

Trust your heart. Trust your vision.

You can do it ! You are doing it !

I do me, you do you, together we co-create.

Appreciate the magic of Aquarius,

Love & sparkles,


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