About me

Self-love is the key to our harmony and union.

I am Océanie, healer, guide and lover of life.

From a young age, I was attracted to understand our human ways of thinking and doing. I wanted people to smile and I was doing what I could to make it happen. My human curiosities lead me to train in clinical psychology, after which I travelled the world to discover other ways of living.

Throughout my life and along my journey, I have met teachers and guides who helped and supported me to reach new steps within myself. I have also been guided by the spiritual realm; though it is always here to support us.

My life experiences and insights have taught me how to heal my past and to live with my emotions.

I worked on myself to love and support myself no matter what.

Today I am clear about my mission to bring harmony and unity within and between ourselves.

My intention is for you to be your own master.

I want you to be an independent and creative human.

I master my clairvoyance abilities that allow me to see through the masks, the conditioning, the lies, and the unconscious.

We work on your unity — mind and body aligned with your soul.

Creative Healing:

I specialize in you.

I don’t follow one technique, I follow the guidance I receive. I’m tuning in with your energies and general energies, which I translate for you in a language you understand.

I create the technique adapted to the present moment.

Here is a growing list of techniques and languages I use:

Astrology, aromatherapy, Buddhism, cards (oracle and tarot), crystals, energy work, herbal medicine, languages of nature, mythology, natural care, numerology, psychoanalysis, religions, sacred geometry, sound therapy, storytelling, Tao, Yoga, …

I am guiding you to create your life with passion.

I offer private guidance, therapies, workshops and yoga classes.

I am traveling around the world offering my services. If you wish to connect with me, contact me 😉

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