About me

I am a channel of the divine and I am here to guide your love awakening and spiritual integration.

I am Océanie.

Master Healer – Holistic Care Expert – Clairevoyant – Yoga Teacher – Transformational Therapist – Spiritual Guide – Medicine Woman.

My life is my initiation as who I am, this is why I want to share with you some of my personal transformation story so you can understand more where I’m coming from and what I do.

This time, I was born in Paris, France and raised in its suburbs.

From a young age, I was attracted to understand our human ways of thinking and doing. I wanted people to smile and I was doing what I could to make it happen. My human curiosities lead me to train in Clinical Psychology and Psychopathology (2002-2007 University Paris X), after which I followed my call to travel the world and discover other ways of living and thinking.

First, I flew to Latin America where I started backpacking on my own. I also met with shamanism for the first time. This encounter opened my consciousness to a new level of perception.

Then, Reiki came to me in 2009 while I was in Cambodia and unlocked my feeling of the energy. I also started to practice with crystals and numerology.

In 2012-2013, I went back to France and I started to change all my habits. I learned about ingredients and made my own experimentations to learn about my body. I explored ways of caring for myself and my house and taught myself how to prepare my own products. I also went into details of how I was feeding myself for my health and studied digestion, pH balance, essential oils, herbs, spices… Overall I was becoming conscious about the way I was caring for myself and making the changes adapted to my body’s feelings.

I started to practice yoga in 2012 as well and naturally integrated it in my everyday life which lead me to become a certified teacher in 2015 (200RYT)

2013 was also a turn over year in my personal and family life (surgeries, suicide and deaths). The discipline I was creating for myself has been a magical support for the challenges of this year.

In 2014, I returned to Cambodia and experienced building my own place. I learned about the basics of construction and also how to do with what was available.

This year, I also started my initiation with the Tarot which I read fluently now.

In 2015, I opened Bar and Guesthouse while reducing my consumption of cigarettes and alcohol which I stopped after I closed this Bar owner chapter. This year I also took action to step out of a destructive relationship. I felt in crushed pieces which lead me to heal myself. That’s when I started to communicate and meet with the angels. I also started to work as a Tour Leader for a friend which took me to India where I did my Reiki 1.

In 2016, I opened my yoga studio at home: Studio La Loba. From teaching yoga to leading Moon Ceremonies, I saw myself starting to share more of my own experiences and wisdom which lead me to transform my home into a transformational space for all. I changed the name to Casa La Loba, spanish for Home of the Shewolf.

My temple magic home became my purpose. I realised I was here to bring people home, to guide our spirit to settle comfortably in our body.

I integrate my spirituality in my everyday life. I learned how to discipline myself therefore I create a strong base for myself to expand from. My discipline is my support to guide you into setting your own boundaries, during your healing process and your self development.

In 2017, I went back a few months to Latin America where I embraced my healing powers. From this moment I developped my own integrative healing technique.

Back home in Cambodia, everything fasten and I realised more day by day of my own abilities. I was deepening my own practices and leading Casa La Loba to flow with love and compassion.

In 2018, the winds took me to Nepal. At this time I was going through a kundalini rising and my body was shaking with all the energy flowing through me. It all felt very empowering but truly exhausting. Magically, life guided me to meet a new master who taught me about the power of our vibrations and sound healing. I deepened my connection with my energy centers, the chakras, and birthed as my own master.

End of 2018, guided by life, I closed my magic home in Cambodia. This magic space was my womb to my personal transformation. A womb I created as I rose as my true self. Now, its spirit is within me.

My heart is telling me to move around the world to meet and connect with whom is seeking guidance and healing. This is where I am now.

During years, I dived deep within myself to take out my deepest traumas and blocked emotions. I addressed everything I could find within me and my past, and analysed it. I opened my vision to analyse with new eyes lead by my intuition and by spirits. I studied a lot of theories in science, health and spirituality, as well as practicing to integrate all my mind was discovering into my own experience. It all felt so natural. I never doubted the voices of love and compassion guiding me. I knew I was going through a process and I trusted it.

Today, I am clear about my mission to bring harmony and unity within so you can feel at home in your own earthy body.

Self-love is the key to our harmony and union.

We are here to be human and live a life on earth together. Our timing is tuned with nature but we have created our own separation from our true selves. I believe in the power of love to transform us which supports me teaching about self-care in all situations because if one can support itself unconditionaly, it has the power to hold space for the others.

I want you to be an independent and creative human.

My intention is for you to be your own master.

From my travels, my experiences, my joy, my mistakes and shadows, my healings, my creations, my woo-woo, my meetings, my discipline, my playfulness, my practices, my channeling, my sustainability, my spirit, my heart and my magic, I am here now offering you my transformational expertise.

My method of healing is Creative:

I specialise in you.

I follow the guidance I receive. I’m tuning in with your energies and general energies, which I translate for you in a language you understand.

I create the technique adapted to the present moment.

I am a channel of Love, gifted with healing powers. I trained to master my abilities that are always growing. That is why I keep studying and integrating as I breathe.

Thank you for receiving me,

I love you,


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