A letter to the Men

I’m observing a lot of words for the empowerment of women describing the abuse of men and all their faults and mistakes. I want to take a moment to answer all these articles about the wrongs of men. These are not the true men, and I don’t want people to forget that we are all evolving together and re-establishing harmony in the unbalance of feminity and masculinity. Here, a few words from my heart to the men surrounding me and allowing me to be.

Dear lovers, men lovers 😉

Might not be easy for you.

First, I want to tell you I love you.

Balancing my feminity and masculinity and embracing my woman incarnation, I realised your amazingness.

I had to forgive men who hurt me and I sam forgiving men who behave with disrespect. But this process showed me my own abuse and is strengthening me day after day.

I learn how men and women are complementary and how we support each other.

No need to overdo, simply being who we are does the magic.

What I want to say is:

Men, you don’t need to be sorry for the abusers,

You don’t need to carry the wrongs of your ancestors,

We are not asking you to apologize for the faults and mistakes of the others.

What we want and need is you to be you. For that you need to do the self work too.

Women have been showing themselves more and this process is a bit going everywhere. Obviously we are breaking free from generations of wrongs. So like children we are experiencing the new us.

What it is to be a woman for myself? We are now accepting our emotions as our powers and our intuition as an ability. It’s a challenge to uncover who we are in a society that doesn’t understand. With time, we are empowering ourselves.

I’ve been observing you men, of course you’re all at different levels in the process of embracing yourselves too. Because the unbalance was for all of us. You too, you have to uncover what it is to be a man. You too, you have to deal with finding your own inner balance.

There is a big shift happening. The feminine and masculine are taking back their own space and women and men are embracing who they are truly.

Many are still in the shadows but also many are finding their truth. It’s a process.

As a woman, I am blessed to have you in my life.

You allow me the space to be with all my overwhelming and crazyness. I’m expressing who I am at the moment and yes sometimes it might feel all over the place because that’s exactly what’s happening. When we accept our sensations and listen to our emotions, wow that’s a full revolution happening. Opening our sensitivity is body and mind blowing.

Thank you men for holding us to the ground and support us in our growth.

I appreciate your presence and I enjoy your way of seeing life.

As we express ourselves, you can too.

What is that you’re feeling? How are you handling your sensitivity? How is it to be a man?

It’s ok to express your feelings. This is your strength.

Well, you do what you want. I just want to tell you we are here to receive you and support you too.

I’m so curious about you 😉

I believe we are breaking free all together and learning who the other is step by step.

We are all stepping into the new together.

What a moment in our life!

Thank you for being you 🙏

I love you 💖

A letter to the women.


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