40Days Magic “I do Me” Challenge

What it is about ? How does it work ? Why is it for you ?

This challenge is born of years following my passion.

I am passionate about movement, about adaptation, about transformation, about change. There are many words to describe how we we simply are. So many words that sometimes create fights to know which knows best. Our mental has the habit to tell stories. Stories we can name drama, reasons, excuses, justifications and gossips.

Why not telling YOUR story ?

This challenge is the fruit of my life’s practice of flowing free.

I am a natural traveller, I enjoy new adventures and explorations. I am not comparing to see what is the best, I simply say yes to what comes to me and feels exciting. I have lived in different cultures and societies, I am always learning new languages, I am passionate about expanding my vision.

Why not embarking on YOUR magic life journey ?

This challenge is what I love doing.

I am sharing with you my experience in creating your supportive discipline. After years of practice, I am now able to sustain my wellbeing in all conditions. It is an extraordinary feeling of self-accomplishment. This challenge is me sharing my expertise in self-care and self-love pratices.

Why not being YOUR own carer and lover ?

This challenge is unconditionnal. Whenever and wherever. Anytime.

I am guiding you to develop your natural capacity of adaptation. My intention is for you to be able to do how you feel in all situation. You learn how to take your space and make yourself comfortable in all situations.

Why not creating YOUR own time ?

This challenge is an awakening.

You will learn how to open your vision and design new mental patterns. Your habits are not only in your physical body movement they are also present in your way of thinking. I propose to redesign your way of thinking and doing.  So if your mind think you can’t or you don’t have timespace for it, maybe that’s exactly what you need!

Why not offering YOU the space to evolve ?

This challenge grounds you in the present moment.

You practice doing step by step. You will be guided and supported all along the way. This magic challenge will guide you straight to your center, it will reconnect you with your roots and the source of love.

Why not loving YOU ?

This challenge is practical and simple.

I am a great procrastinator, I appreciate taking the time to focus on everything I am doing. It actually got me to master my capacity of attention to. I have a clear and practical mind. I have what I need to do what I want. I do with what I have. I love my self. I do me.

How do you do you ? Do you want to be able to feel at ease in all situations ? Are you asking for help to reorganise your daily life ? Are you in need of help to solve your  “call for more time” ?

Well, I am here and this challenge is your answer !

Why not doing YOU ?

This challenge is to create your sustainability.

You will build for your self a sustainable confidence, a sustainable self-care discipline, a sustainable love for yourself, a sustainable care for the people ypou care for.

Why not being SELF-sustainable ?

This challenge is a gift to our heart.

Your passion is your heart expressing your truth. Your passion is allowing yourself to create yourself at every step. Your passion is a manifestation of your clear intention of doing your unique you. Your passion is you acting from a place of self-love.

You love your being and it is teaching you how to love every being.

Do you want more efficiency in your everydays ?

Do you want to reconnect with your self-love ?

Do you want to play lightly and magically being alive ?

Themes :

Acceptance – Compassion – Trust – Boundaries – Integration – Embodiment – Meditation – Spiritual Connection – Healing – Energy Work – Mind Mechanics – Thought patterns – Inner child – Voice healing – Intuition – Psychic abilities – Journaling – Chakras – Yoga – Intentions and affirmations – Manifestation – Creativity – Attraction – Vibration – Emotional Balance

… And more surprises!

Practical Organisation :

  • Live masterclass every Monday 20h CET (19h UK/Portugal, 11am Vancouver, 15h Argentina, 21h Israel, 6am Tuesday NZ). Written teachings of each masterclass shared.
  • Channel of transmission chat to receive coaching, daily motivations, homework, mini challenges, teachings, answers to questions and magic messages. I am the only one transmitting in this chat to keep it direct and clear. We stay focused.
  • One general chat for everyone to share and keep highly motivated for the ones who want to participate. To ask your questions.
  • Mini chat where you will be in small groups and have the space to interact and inspire each other. To go deeper.
  • All questions answered.
  • Closing Celebration on Friday 15th October 20h CET (19h UK/Portugal, 11am Vancouver, 15h Argentina, 21h Israel, 6am Tuesday NZ).

Nothing is mandatory, you do you !

Toys needed :

  1. A notebook
  2. A pen / pencil.
  3. A long-term-use bottle of water
  4. Your phone
  5. Telegram ( Social chat phone application)
  6. Zoom (Live videos on your computer or phone application)
  7. The internet connection available to you. Even with a low and unreliable connection, you will be able to do the challenge.
  8. 44€ to invest in you.

For who ?

This challenge is suited for you if :

(One reason is enough,  you are worth your own attention.)

You want to change one of your habit

You wish for more time,

You want to act on your self-care,

You wish to strengthen your intuition,

You wish more space,

You want to be more organised

You want to clear your mind,

You want balance,

You are calling for something new,

You are waiting for something new

Make it happen now !

Stand for your self !

Materialise your self-commitment

and enter the 40Days Magic “I DO ME” Challenge !

YES I AM DOING IT ! (Click to step in and enroll)

Learn More about it on Instagram : @40daysmagic

I am here to hold the space for your liberation.

I love you and support you on your journey,


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