3 steps to activate your new Self

You are on your healing journey and you want to get to your next level ? You desire to transform your Self into your new version ? It is easier than you think and a few tricks will open new doorways for your realisation.

You have the power to activate your new Self !

I share with you three steps to activate your renewal.

1/ Open your condition

The way you think of your condition has an immense power.

Your condition is how you define your Self.

Often we use conditions from outside point of views like our parents, our teachers, our colleagues, doctors, society, our self-development studies to define who we are.

These perspectives may be valuable from a self-reflective point of view but be careful to not attach with them. Perhaps you have and it’s time to break free from all conditions imposed on you, as well as limiting conditions you have chosen for yourself.

Open your perspective about yourself and the world : What you know of society does not represent all possibilities of societies. What you know of yourself doesn’t represent all possibilities for your self.

Open to new possibilities.

  • Journaling :

What did you hear people tell you about yourself ?

Which conditions are you still living by today ?

How does it feel ?

Then, list the qualities you are nourishing in your Self.

You can create your unique condition inspired by what you are cultivating for your new Self: write who you are with the formula “I am …”

  • Play the game :

At home, choose something to represent someone : your pet, a plant or a random object.

Say out loud to this person who you are now. Keep your speech in the present.

Affirm your unique Self.

2/ Define your direction

Healing is a process, it is not a lifestyle. Be careful to not loop into healing mode. For that clarify your direction.

  • Journaling :

What motivates you to heal and transform ?

What does “healed” means for you ?

What do you want from your healing ?

It’s important to set your goals about your healing process. Without an aim outside of healing, you will stay in the process.

—> Set your new intention and affirm it with your words.

How to clarify your intention and set clear and direct affirmations ? Magic Oce Podcast direct Spotify link.

Imagine you want to get to a new destination so you hop on the train. The train is always in movement. How do you get to your new destination : What mindset gets you to your new destination ? What actions get you to your new destination ?

  • Play the game :

Go for a walk with the intention to heal. Walk for your healing.

Observe your thoughts and movements.

Then change your mindset towards your new direction. Affirm it. Walk for your new direction.

Observe your thoughts and movements.

Simply compare the two experiences.

3/ Act new

To change you have to do it. Remember it is a process.

Use the direction you set for yourself to guide your actions. Do not keep ideas inside your head and block your movement forward. Trust yourself and do it !

If you want it, you have to act for it.

Simple daily actions create your change.

  • Journaling :

List 5 simple actions you can do everyday to support your renewal.

  • Play the game :

Do them now. Even if you did them already. Practice again. Show yourself you are doing it by doing it.

Activate your new Self now. Practice your new ways with patience and dedication.

I talk more about how to create your self supportive discipline here.

You are now pro-active in your Self creation !

Remember : you are what you think and what you do.

No one is you.

You do you.


You need help to activate your new Self ? more infos here.

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