February 2020 – PARTNERSHIPS

A new month has started. We are cycling always and forever. I see every new month as a new door of possibilities opening. The monthly calendar supports my evolution as a thinking being. It gives me a clear vision of my days happening. It offers me a tangible approach to learn about my past and go forward into my future. It’s well organised and I appreciate that.

Let’s step in February 2020!

First, I take a moment to observe what happened in January.

January has been a turnover month. The energies have been pulling us down to the ground. We have been faced by ourselves. We have been making changes to adapt our self-care to how we feel.

From the tropical astrology point of view, this grounding and practical energy of January is Capricorn in action. There are still a lot of planetary action going on in the house of Capricorn during this month of February. If you’d like to open your vision about Capricorn, I invite you to explore my January 2020 articles and videos.

We have been offered a big door to step into the new. And we are transiting through this door at our own rythm. This rythm is in your control. You are the one choosing to adapt and flow or resist and block.

We create our reality.

So from our unique rythm, we tune in differently with every one else. It’s like a symphony. Some of us flow smoothly and freely, some of us collide and bounce, some of us meet and go, etc. Every interaction creates its unique symphony.

I like observing life like a symphony. I also realised how I was attracted to whom seems to flow in harmony with my private symphony. And also how my symphony evolves from other’s symphonies.

What I feel during this month of February 2020 starting is an energy of partnership.

How do I pair with the other?

How do I interact with the other?

How do I communicate with the other?

As we are observing from our center, answering these questions shows your perspective on how you relate. Know that the other one has its own perspective on the questions.

That’s why I love questions! We don’t know what the other thinks, so instead of assuming, let’s ask. Be open to receive their answer as it is. Remember it’s their perspective.

Expressing to the other opens the door of communication.

If you’d like to dive and explore into my vision of what is communication: read here.

Our self expresses itself in infinite ways. And our expressive creation comes from our whole. We can’t separate our words from our behaviour, we can’t see one side and ignore the others. We are whole with a body and a spirit: our spirit incarnated in our body. As I am talking about partnerships, I have another question for you:

How do I pair with myself?

Are all my parts in harmony creating their unique symphony or are they colliding and creating conflicts?

The way we relate with others reflects the way we relate with ourself. Knowing that every interaction is unique and shows us a part of ourself. So if you separate your inner self, you will be able to see it in your outside life.

However is your inside, it shows in everything your doing.

The element of Aquarius energy is what I can define as univeral air. It is commonly said to be air but I feel something different than air. A sensation of being lifted up and taken to a new direction. It is higher and deeper than air. Air would be the wind blowing. Ether would be the movement of air created by our earth rotating. It’s centered and every movement is grand as it involves the whole.

Our world is in a revolutionary transition time. It’s about us personnally and about us with everyone else. As nature is changing its own way, we, humans, are too. And we have the ability and skills to lead our change towards our vision.

What’s your vision?

Whatever it is, act upon it everyday.

Your vision is your dream and it can’t be only about you because we all live here together. Your dream involves everything around you which I see as the whole earth and humanity. If this vision of the whole is triggering tension, fear, anger, guilt or other pressuring feelings, I want to reassure you that you are not responsible to care for everyone else.

It’s not about doing for everyone, it’s about doing for you as a part of the whole: all parts playing their role and creating an harmonious symphony.

Our partnership with each other makes us stronger. Our humanity is evolving and we are each one of us a leader in the change.

February is offering us a big door of new to create our common vision for our present. And from this present moment we are creating our tomorrow.

I encourage you to go out of your regular ways to meet the new. Join a meeting about a subject you don’t know anything about, join a class about something you don’t know, meet a new person you have never met before, etc.

Break free from your assumptions, your old views and your routine.

I get out of my way to create a new way.

Explore with an open heart and receive what comes your way.

Life is surprising!

Appreciate what is,

I love you


I love

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