Your actions show who you are

2018 sept 19 – Aloha,

I wrote this 24 hours ago. We had a full day power cut yesterday, that was cool. And also on perfect timing to calm down the intense energies of the moment. Here is my past story:

I got broke in last night. People can be surprisingly stupid. The details are someone jumped over my wooden fence and damaged it. We are in Cambodia and in rainy season, the situation here is wet, damp, muddy, rotten and moldy. It’s challenging.
This behavior was wrong, you do not break into people’s property if there is no real danger. It resonates with Moises and the tables of the law: do no harm.
I agree!

Harming someone else can take many shapes like mistrust, irresponsibility, disrespect or disappointment. That’s how it feels in my mind. My body is tensing because of a situation I couldn’t control. I am now working to re-center here and now and rising above. For that I stick to my discipline because I know it makes me feel better: cleaning , breathing, meditating, practicing yoga postures and ohm chanting.

I attend to myself in a supportive way.

Now I feel calmer and I observe the situation from a higher point of view. The behavior was wrong and I choose to believe, in this situation, the intention was not to harm. So here we have an incoherence: you want no harm but behave with harm. There is a disharmony between body and mind.

You see when you don’t listen to yourself, you harm yourself and it can reflect on your interactions and relationships.

Think about the last few days and observe your interactions. How did you feel the other? How did you feel yourself?

If tension, stress, intolerance, impatience, anger, guilt, annoyance came up, well it means your body and mind are confused. When I don’t feel comfortable with myself and I hide it from myself, it creates an accumulation of tension in the body and stress (overthinking) in your mind and you suddenly react wrongly which can harm people that trust you and support you.

This happens. It’s life and we are all learning. When you observe you’re not doing so well, it’s time to make a change with yourself. Face yourself.
Do something to feel better and have better relationships.

Are you nurturing your body? Are you nurturing your mind? Are you expressing how you really feel?

You can do it now. You are the one creating your life.

Back to me and the continuity of yesterday’s situation. I was upset, something was vibrating strong inside of me and I felt like a volcano ready to explode. I did react and expressed how I felt with care. I made the choice to open a door to discussion and forgiveness. Sending back the same aggressive energy people send to you is not the solution, it doesn’t make things go forward, it makes them stagnate and rot 😂 not cool.

I received a strong and tense vibration from these people who vandalized my home and I didn’t accept to receive it. I say no to tension coming from other people and I don’t take it for myself. Yes I do observe what’s happening in myself but I don’t question myself. I observe the facts and I breathe. I decide to learn from it.

Loving yourself is learning lessons from situations that cause stress to you so you don’t loop in them. We can’t prevent the unexpected but we can train ourselves to stay at peace and in harmony whatever happens.

So here I am, opening my heart to experience this situation with care and support. I want people to learn so I shared my experience and expressed my thoughts writing this story 😉 What’s going to happen, I don’t know but I trust all is going to be fine and that this situation is strengthening me 🕉️

Trust yourself. You can do it!

I love you and support you on your journey


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