I am safe and everything is fine.

Going through change can seem chaotic.

When you make a change for yourself, it is going to bring a change in your relationships. When I change, my interactions change. Yes, a change is transforming!

This could freak you out but it’s wrong to let ourselves think the unknown is not safe. Fear and safety usually interact together.

When I am used to do in one way, it can feel scary to try another way. And some tell themselves they have to be who they are to support the people living around them. Some others tell themselves they simply can’t be another way. What’s your excuse?

If the sense you make to your situation blocks you from changing or create tension, well it’s wrong. It’s a no go.

Observe the people that inspire you and realize they worked for who they are today. And you can do it to.

You create your thoughts. This means if you see chaos and it freaks you out, maybe it’s time now to observe the continuity of things and reassure yourself.

Whatever is our situation, there is a “support my growth” opinion and a “I block the flow” opinion inside of us. What’s yours?

Observing both duality is what will help you make your own mindset.

When my thoughts are bringing me down, I practice observing the opposite and it helps me find my balance. I support my growth by mastering my mind.

Change is awesome and exciting. The fear in your stomach is butterflies in mine.

We are going through big changes and we are all transforming. If you’re having difficulties, I want to tell you all is going to be fine. I want to reassure you.

What to do?

Nurture yourself. Say yes to people making you feel comfortable with yourself and no to the ones making you confused and doubt. Remember it’s a process: there is a continuity.

How to nurture yourself? here.

You create your life.

Observing the continuity of cycles can help you too: A story of our cycles of generations.

I have so much to share with you, it’s all coming out in funny ways. I know it will get clearer with practice. (2019 update: Yes it does!)

Thank you for receiving.

I love you and support you on your journey.

Océanie 🙏🦄💖

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