Stand Up Witches!

A manifesto for the feminine 😉 A moment of expressing love for being a woman and wanting to share with you all. I hear many women talking bad about ourselves…I don’t like it because we are miraculous beings. So here I am standing tall and proud to be who I am.

Stand up proud to be a woman!


I am not a feminist.

Feminism is an extreme unbalance like misogynist. They are not harmonious. You can’t deny one sex. If the other was not, the existence of it would not be. Also we can’t go in opposition to the other sex because we are unique and our difference is not to be judged.

Men and women are two parts of the same. We are the Ying and Yang. without both, we wouldn’t be. So accept that and observe the other in its beauty.

Being harmonious is accepting the other sex in its complimentary to us.

I am a sexual human being.

Who are we witches?

This word was and still seen as the devil. “Witches were not to be.

If they were, burnt they would be.”

A witch is a woman embodying her Divine feminine.

She is an artist. She transmits her passions through her crafts. She creates her own life.

Don’t be scared to be who you are woman. Stand up for yourself. Don’t criticize yourself, don’t misjudge yourself. Express your fantasies. Own your powers.

Women, now is the time to stand up and be you in and out. Share who you are with your smiles and creations.

Be innovative by simply doing you.

We are all unique. Everyone of us.

Stand up and laugh!

Be proud to be you!

Pride is the celebration of yourself. You celebrate yourself by treating yourself with love and compassion, by sharing your magnificent self with the other.

If you’re doubting, if you’re lost…

Go back to when you were a little girl and observe what you were doing and what were your dreams.

Observe and learn from what this little girl has to say. Your inner child is innocent, it’s telling you genuinely what she wants. Listen to yourself.

You are everything you’re looking for.

Stop questioning yourself about what you’re doing or not. Stop doubting your interactions. Follow what you feel like doing and express it. Share who you are with the other.

If you’re tense, if you’re stressed, if you’re too busy…

Take a special moment out of time for yourself.

You are running after time. You are chasing an illusion. Observe nature, observe its cycles, observe its harmony.

You are nature, you have your own cycles. The moon does in 28 days what the sun does in a year. Our woman cycle has a clear connection with the moon cycle. Accept you have your own unique cycle. Acknowledge how you feel is always changing. We are evolution.

The time of our society is practical to facilitate communication. It’s a common language.

Being aware of your own body language supports your growth.

From that you know that it is the same for the other. The other has its own cycle too. So when you meet, be aware of that. Don’t take on their tension, don’t send them your tension. Communicate to them about it or let it go. Make the choice to be comfortable.with yourself.

When I acknowledge the infinity of cycles, I accept that everything has its own timing. I like calling it the divine timing. It happens when it is supposed to happen. Yes I’m working towards what I want. I know it’s a process and I enjoy every moment of it so I’m not being impatient on the result.

Women, learn about your cycles.

Love yourself for being full of abundance.

Celebrate your nature!

If you don’t know what to believe anymore…

Believe in your dreams. Believe in the brightest life you want for yourself. And everyday acknowledge that you are living it.

You think you’re not there yet…

Find satisfaction in what you have now. Remember to appreciate the moment. Don’t run after an illusion of life. Implement this unique dream of yours in your reality.

Women when you smile, you illuminate your environment. Women when you laugh, it resonates in people’s heart. You are already beautiful. Acknowledge your beauty now.

You are who you are now.

Stand proud witches!

Men this goes for you too. We love you!

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