What am I doing for myself?

Aloha beautiful souls 🙏

You are feeling stirred up. Who am I? What do I want for myself? Where am I going to? Is this really what I want? Am I doing what I love now? What am I supposed to do now?

Feeling lost, feeling confused, feeling pressured.

You know where your are physically but your mind seems to fly elsewhere. Everyday new opportunities are showing up in front of you and you are playing a game of choices.

You make your choices.

Yes I know, you know, we all know but in our everyday life it can be experienced as a struggle or a fight with ourselves. Ahhhhh!!!!

Now, your direction might feel unclear and so let it be. Nature has its own timing and trying to push it won’t make it happen. When you push the flow, it creates pressure for yourself. Imagine yourself floating on the inflatable toy of your choice and trying to choose your direction. This requires energy and efforts. Instead why not letting go of the pressure you’re creating and enjoy floating flowing with the flow of love. Really, it’s nicer.

Here I’m talking about your outside. Often when we’re not feeling at ease we project it in our surroundings. So let’s observe it and let it go.

No, you can’t control other people. Accept it.

Let go and what now?

Now, refocus on you. If you’re not feeling at peace, you are dealing with your own relationship with yourself.

So what are you doing or not for yourself?

How can you make yourself comfortable during your flowing journey?

Observe your habits and your ways of doing things for yourself. Are you supporting your growth or are you blocking yourself?

You have the control of yourself.

Unhealthy habits are not supporting your growth. This has to be clear. You are not helping yourself blossom if you keep looping with your unhealthy habits.

Examples: cigarettes, alcohol, biting your nails, taking pills, no physical activity, overthinking, binge eating, staying in, etc.

All these are here because there is an imbalance inside yourself that needs your attention. And going on again and again in a non-supportive pattern does create exhaustion and tension.

Now it’s time for you to be responsible for yourself. Make yourself healthy.

Work on two fronts: physical and mental. Both your mind and body are calling for your attention.

Teach yourself how to nurture your mind and body.

For that, create a new discipline to oppose the one you want out. Balance.

On my side, I’m dealing now with biting my nails again so I discipline myself to play ukulele each time I put a finger in my mouth. This supports me from releasing a shitty habit and expanding one of my passion. (months later update: I have beautiful hands now)

As well, my mind has been going everywhere and it’s exhausting me and making me feel pulled outwards when I want to focus inward. So each time I observe my mind going wild, I write it out or I meditate or I get out to see friends and play games. It’s great because my writing is improving, my meditation is deepening and I spend time laughing and playing with friends.

You see, stopping anchored habits doesn’t mean going against yourself, not at all. On the opposite, you are allowing yourself to expand. When a habit is implemented in ourselves for years and it’s still the same it shows a stagnation. So when you work for a change, you’re stirring up inside of you and you create new opportunities for yourself.

You are your own master.

Focus on what’s calling your attention inside yourself and make the choice to nurture yourself.

Support yourself.

I have faith in myself and I have faith in you.

You can do it!

More inspiration:

Enjoy who you are now 💖

I love you and support you on your journey 🙏


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