Suicide & Death – Today is a special day

On a fifth of December years ago, my younger sister was born. On a summer day, five years ago, my younger sister was ending her human experience for now.

Attaching to the dates can create resistance in seeing the continuity of life and appreciating the beauty in every day.

Let’s talk about it.

Life happens and we are all experiencing death because we know that we birth and we die. That’s a cycle of life. We accept the experience when we decide to live it. And death gives us a kind of timeline telling us to enjoy now because our human bodies are not infinite like our minds.

So today is a special day. It’s a special day because it’s unique. There is only one day in our life with the energies of today. Today brings new surprises like everyday.

Everyday she is with me in spirit. She will always be part of me. She was physically in my life once and she is mentally and energetically in me forever. She is my guide and my teacher. She is one who taught me how everyday is worth living to its fullest. With her by my side I learn how to enjoy every moment because I’m aware of the uniqueness of every moment.

She was feeling it all and with her strong choice, she made all of us face the reality of life.

Everyday is a new day and everyday is to be enjoyed. That’s how I choose to see life.

I am grateful to have all of you by my side to experience life. I am grateful to wake up everyday to the new.

I thank my sister to be here teaching me unconditional love at every moment. Thank you 🙏💖

Today is a special day because it’s unique.

Today is also my friend’s birth date. If I attached this date to a negative experience, I couldn’t celebrate my friend for who he is. Happy birthday to all of you born a fifth of December. I carry you all in my heart because every fifth of December I celebrate life.

I just wanted to share these few words of hope and love.

Death of our loved ones can take away our joy but I think that’s not what they want. I will share more on suicide through time.

Today and everyday, I celebrate life and I send love to my family.

Today, I celebrate all families 💖💖💖

I love you and embrace you with my supportive arms 😘

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Pic: My younger sister and me years ago 🙂

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