Celebrating the new…you 🌼

2018 Dec 31 – Aloha lovers,

My neighbours were loudly gathering all night yesterday and it inspired me. It’s new year’s eve and it’s a time of celebration. I go back in time and observe my past selves celebrating this new year’s eve. A lot of partying in my twenties and the last couple of them I enjoyed family and friends in a quieter way. I changed my habits with alcohol and cigarettes two years ago and it changed my perception of the celebration.

A story of self transformation and inner power.

Celebrating rhymes with enjoying and laughing 😂. And this new year time is once a year and the big majority of the humans are celebrating it. I see union between us at this time and it feels nice. It’s awesome to follow the clocking time and see the countries coming into the new year.

Celebration can also rhyme with intoxication. I experienced that, what a great excuse to drink and smoke more. Wow I did some excess…but it’s new year you know…

Here I’m focusing on the intoxication part. Really, do I want to start the new year by not being myself?

How do you want to come into the new year?

When I changed my intoxicating habits of cigarettes and alcohol consuming, my partying dimension went through a revolution. Whatever habits you’re changing, your social environment is being turned upside down.

Sometimes we want a change but we don’t see any support around us so we keep going into behaviours we don’t like for ourselves.

It’s not easy to say out loud, I want to do it this way now. I want a different way of being me.

How my friends are going to react? Are they going to support me?

It can be freaky to change some habits, especially when it has a direct relation with our social life.

What to do is expressing yourself. Say very simply what you feel like doing for yourself. Drop the social pressure, drop your past self attitude.

Yesterday we clarified how to set the resolutions to follow our destiny (Teletransport here). Today I know which direction I want to go and I am doing it now.

What you want for yourself this new year, do it now.

Enter the new year as the new you.

Respect yourself for what you want.

Say what you want for your celebration and if it feels difficult to express, know that by doing you and sharing your intention, you are inspiring others to follow their hearts and not the mass.

Sometimes we want to dance with our tribe, sometimes we want to dine with our family, sometimes we want to play cards with our friends and sometimes we want to go to bed early because we’re simply tired.

Do you.

Be the change you want for yourself.

More inspiration:

Happy new you!

I love you 💖⛵🦄🌼

Picture: Learning how to flow with the power of the wind as I learn how to do me with the power of the mass – Chaloklam, Koh Phangan, Thailand.

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