Setting your new moon intentions

New moon time is an auspicious period to set new intentions. The cycle of the moon with the sun is 28 days and it offers us a regular cosmic calendar for manifestation. I have been setting new moon intentions for years now and it has been and still is guiding my inner growth. Writing my intentions has helped me to strengthen my own inner relationship and enhance my inner communication. It also helped me to re-connect with the natural cycles of life.

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I am evolving.

Dear magic beings,

In 2018, I created Magic Unicorn Wisdom website and a year later it became Free your Flow at I wanted to write so I did. I was following the guidance and it lead me here today.

I have cherished and nourished this website with deep care and attention for four years. It taught me a lot. Now is time to evolve and I am working on a new website concept!!!

This website stays open with all its magic. I will keep it updated and it is still free of charge to explore.

To follow my current flow, please find me on IG : libretmagique.

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May your heart open your way.

I send you peaceful vibes,


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